PACKAGE 3 Full care management

This package is ideal for private landlords residing abroad or owning multiple properties. Through this package you give full care of your property(s) out of your hands and you increase the enjoyment of your tenants.

Our activities:

  • Our activities consist of Package 1
  • Or Package 2

Property Management:

  • Administrative management
  • Financial management
  • Technical management

When establishing a rental contract the marketing and promotional costs of the property to rent are 8% (excluding 21% VAT) of the number of rented months, with a maximum of 12 months. To manage the property 3, 4, or 7% (excluding 21% VAT) of the monthly rent will additionally be charged for the entire rental period. The property can only be managed if RE/MAX PRO establishes a rental contract. For the full terms and conditions, please visit:

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