We love to help you find the right place to be your home. Regarding your intake or personal telephone interview we will have, will help us to formulate your wishes regarding a new accommodation. Through our network we will select a number of suitable houses and we will then plan a ‘go and see’. Our selection is not only based on the rental price, but also on your specific wishes and demands.

Go and see Our personal coaching in viewing the selected accommodations. You found what you were looking for. We will help you in negotiating with the letter about the rental price and other conditions and we will set up a hire agreement.

Rental agreement Vastgoedzaak will help you settling the agreement.

Inspection At the commencing date of the agreement we will set up a letter of inspection together with you and the letter

Extra services During the rental period we can assist you by offering extra services such as painting; odd jobs, cleaning and personal advice on interior decorating.

Costs We will charge one month of rent VAT exclusive for finding you the right home. The assignment to search for accommodation will be put down in an assignment letter on the basis of no cure, no pay. There is no registration fee and there will certainly be no waiting list.